About Our Swimsuits

Bikinis That Benefit Beaches

Bikinis That Benefit Beaches

Look into luxury eco-fabric bathing suits

Not all fashion brands are all about making money. If you want to purchase swimsuits from an environmentally conscious brand, you should shop at Tali Swim, LLC. We produce swimsuits in a wide range of sizes and styles. All of our pieces are made from recycled plastic, fishing line and fishing nets. You can find a suit that fits your style and gives back. That's because a portion of our profits goes towards cleaning up our oceans.

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Bathing suits with a mission

More and more millennials are turning to purpose-driven brands. Tali Swim wants to be one of them by producing luxury eco-fabric bikinis. Our goal is to:

  • Clean up our oceans and beaches
  • Recycle wasted plastics and other materials
  • Provide an alternative to fast-fashion swimsuits
You'll find stylish bikinis that you actually feel good about buying. Shop for a new suit on our site today.